No Social Presence?

I don’t need to be the first one to tell you that social media is huge.  It is a behemoth.  Everyone is on it all the time.  When I say all the time I mean all the time.  People can not get away from it.  Their eyes are always glued to their screens.  It does not matter whether it’s a phone or laptop they are always on their devices.

Now everyone is always on social media and social media is always coming up with creative ways to get our attention and with creative ways to try and make money.  Social media is here to stay and it is not a fad.  I was once in the boat as saying it’s just a fad but let me tell you that it is not a fad.  I’ll admit that I’m addicted to it.

What really amazes me all the time is all of the businesses that do not have any social media accounts at all.  There is usually a number of reasons why they don’t have them, but it does not matter.  They need to have them.  Now the ones that do not even have or want a website is a different story which I will address in later posts.

First of all, every business needs a facebook account.  Everyone is on Facebook and the business pages are extremely easy to use and set up.  No business has any excuse that is valid in my book for not have a business page.  But business just fight it for some reason and while they are fighting it they are losing business left and right.  I hate the excuse of I have enough business because in my book that is not a valid excuse.

Next they need a twitter account.  For some reason, people have a hard time with this one also but it is really needed.  Just look around all of the famous people are constantly on twitter and getting in trouble for what they are saying.

Basically, Business need to be advertising where all the eyes constantly are and they are on social media.  Now all ages are there.  Not just the young and hip but everyone including grandma and grandpas.  It is amazing how the technology has changed and become a natural part of our lives.  I need to be away from it a lot more, but I can’t do it.

So when a business tells me they don’t have a social media presence I almost flip out because they need it and it is easy to do so.  If you are reading this and you don’t have a business facebook account go create one or contact me and I will do it for you.

Please go get one.  I created a facebook page for a plumbing company once and literally 1 day later they got a new client that found them on facebook.  People might not be flooding in right when you create your page but 1 extra client is all that you need sometimes.