About Beverly

Hi my name is Beverly.

This is my website and I have huge aspirations for this site.  Please stick with me and I am going to wow you with what I am going to uncover.

I love to look at businesses and unravel what they are up to and then discuss ways that they can get their business online.  It’s amazing how many business that are truck and mortar business but refuse to go online.  If they were to go online they would just kill it.

It is my passion to help and show businesses how they can get their their products online.

I started out as a entrepreneur who had a brick and mortar business that had the traditional store front and everything but as you probably can tell I had a real hard time selling product because it was a store front and I had to pay a lease so making money was impossible.  So then I started selling my stuff online.

I started out on e-bay like everyone does and I did really well.  But then I decided I can do better myself and that is jut what I did.  I stared my first e-commerce site for my store and I killed it.  I tell yo what, when you mix SEO and e-commerce the world is your oyster.  I had stuff to sell and people wanted to buy it.

Anyway I love to help people with their own online endeavors and everything they have to offer.  I want everyone to succeed that really wants it bad enough.  I am here to be a mentor and help everyone.

I am going to review business and show everyone what is good about and what they can improve upon.  Mostly I will show you how they can improve their online presence which is the name of the game.